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ASP.Net 4.0 Interview questions

Posted By: rakesh On:11/18/2010 11:59:56 PM in:Interview Questions Category:ASP.NET Hits:2433
List of ASP.Net 4.0 Interview questions

Q. What is new with ASP.Net 4 WebForms ?

Ans. Some of the Features are:

. Ability to Set Metatags.
. More control over view state.
. Added and Updated browser definition files.
. ASP.Net Routing.
. The ability to Persist Selected rows in data Control.
. More control over rendered HTML in FormView and ListView Controls.
. Filtering Support for datasource Controls.

Q. What is machine.config file and how do you use it in ASP.Net 4.0?

. Machine.Config file is found in the "CONFIG" subfolder of your .NET Framework install directory (c:\WINNT\.NET\Framework\{Version Number}\CONFIG on Windows 2000 installations). It contains configuration settings for machine-wide assembly binding, built-in remoting channels, and ASP.NET.

In .the NET Framework 4.0, the major configuration elements(that use to be in web.config) have been moved to the machine.config file, and the applications now inherit these settings. This allows the Web.config file in ASP.NET 4 applications either to be empty or to contain just the following lines.

Q. What is RedirectPermanent in ASP.Net 4.0?

Ans. In earlier Versions of .Net, Response.Redirect was used, which issues an HTTP 302 Found or temporary redirect response to the browser (meaning that asked resource is temporarily moved to other location) which inturn results in an extra HTTP round trip. ASP.NET 4.0 however, adds a new RedirectPermanent that Performs a permanent redirection from the requested URL to the specified URL. and returns 301 Moved Permanently responses.
e.g. RedirectPermanent("/newpath/foroldcontent.aspx");

Q. How will you specify what version of the framework your application is targeting?

 In Asp.Net 4 a new element "targetFramework" of compilation  (in Web.config file) lets you specify the framework version in the webconfig file as

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<compilation targetFramework="4.0" />

It only lets you  the .NET Framework 4.0 and later verisons.

Q. What is the use of MetaKeywords and MetaDescription properties.

 MetaKeywords and MetaDescription are the new properties added to the Page class of ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms. The two properties are used to set the keywords and description meta tags in your page.
For e.g.
<meta name="keywords" content="These, are, my, keywords" />
<meta name="description" content="This is the description of my page" />

You can set these properties at run time, which lets you get the content from a database or other source, and which lets you set the tags dynamically to describe what a particular page is for.

You can also set the Keywords and Description properties in the @ Page directive at the top of the Web Forms page markup like,
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs"
Inherits="_Default" Keywords="ASP,4.0,are keywords" Description="blah blah" %>

Q. What is  Ajax Library.

  Ajax Library is a client-only JavaScript library that is compatible with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer,  Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.Because the  Ajax Library is a client-only JavaScript library, you can use the library with both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications. You can also create Ajax pages that consist only of HTML.

Q. What are the Changes in CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList Control ?

 In ASP.NET 4, the CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList controls support two new values for the RepeatLayout property, OrderedList(The content is rendered as li elements within an ol element) and UnorderedList(The content is rendered as li elements within a ul element.)

Q. Whats Application Warm-Up Module?

 We can set-up a Warm-Up module for warming up your applications before they serve their first request.Instead of writing custom code, you specify the URLs of resources to execute before the Web application accepts requests from the network. This warm-up occurs during startup of the IIS service (if you configured the IIS application pool as AlwaysRunning) and when an IIS worker process recycles. During recycle, the old IIS worker process continues to execute requests until the newly spawned worker process is fully warmed up, so that applications experience no interruptions or other issues due to unprimed caches.

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